Author: William VanCuren

  • It’s a GREENFIELD Opportunity!

    It’s a GREENFIELD Opportunity!

    How many times have we been told about some supposed green field of opportunities, and “The Sky is the Limit”. I often found these situations to be leaderless, the person mouthing those comments didn’t have a clue where we were going, and as they say, “if you don’t know where your’re going, any path will…

  • Tell me the What, But Please Dont show me the How !

    Tell me the What, But Please Dont show me the How !

    This is the largest hurdle for new managers aspiring to become leaders. Get aligned on strategy and business outcomes, is really not necessary for the boss & employee to agree on the precise path to get there!

  • What Keeps You Awake at Night?

    What Keeps You Awake at Night?

    Want to Sleep Well? Here is my tried and true recipe for a good night’s sleep:

  • Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast

    Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast

    Peter Drucker was quoted on this many years ago, and it is more true today than it was when he first penned it. You have to create culture before you can actually organize work teams for meaningful and sustaining results. Said another way, Strategy defines the route to success. But culture is what motivates your…

  • Be a Role Model !

    Be a Role Model !

    Integrity is defined by what you do when nobody is watching. But since we don’t always know who or when they are watching, always lead with character. If you win an award, then immediately give credit to your TEAM and figure out a way to nominate others for that award next time – never accept…

  • When in Rome….

    When in Rome….

    …Do as the Romans! In the modern era, this means to respect the local culture. This is a pic of me celebrating Diwali in India. Build Trust by embracing and participating in local culture and make it part or your persona. When you accept a gift, give one in return, and then place the gift…

  • Dedicate Yourself To Be Your Very Best!

    Dedicate Yourself To Be Your Very Best!

    “Boss, I did the best of my ability!” is always a coaching opportunity. Raise the Bar, and Always get Better, are common lingo within continuous improvement cultures. Challenge yourself and your team to just BE BETTER !

  • Lead from The Front

    Lead from The Front

    Winners lead from the FRONT, but please remember to bow down and support your high performers who are the main reason your team succeeds. See these India engineers building software that is innovating eCommerce. Break down barriers for your team , but Be a HUMBLE leader !

  • Community Service Matters

    Community Service Matters

    “You cannot pay back in life, you can only pay forward” – Emerson. And when we pay forward, we pay line for line and deed for deed. Servant Leadership is the style that wins in the long run, LEAVE YOUR MARK !